When Life Knocks You Down…Do a Burpee!!

Ahhhh the sight of metal racks and scores of vertical barbells and bumper plates waiting to be used; dustings of white powder across pull-up bars, chalk handprints and rope fibers left on the ground; hearing the yelling of guys upstairs upset by an “unfair” game of ping-pong; the allure of a cold post-WOD (workout of the day) cup of Kombucha from the kegerator; untidy cubbies filled with Metcons, lifters, wraps and tape; the smell of victory and defeat from those who previously made it through the WOD you’re about to embark on; the bantering, enthusiasm, encouragement, and prodding from our amazing coaches…these are only a few of the images, sounds and smells that make me love…adore…and need Crossfit.

I’m no weight lifter. I come close to lifting the least. I’m not that fast. My balance and flexibility are crap. Where I lack in Crossfit Games ability (sorry Tia-Clair Toomey maybe next year) I make up for in my absolute desire to better myself.

On the advice of a friend I was encouraged to try Crossfit a sport I had never heard of before. Crossfit is a sport which uses varied functional movements that you can use in every day life. And burpee? What’s a burpee? Crossfit and the “burpee” are synonymous with each other. Basically, a burpee is when you throw yourself on the ground, jump back up and repeat. You might hate it, and you might throw up. It’s been two years since I walked into Crossfit Evviva, and have now thrown myself on that blackened rubber flooring more times than I can count. hulk

I went from being timid, weak and soft to confident, strong and toned. Crossfit forces one to dig deep inside ones self and push past preconceived mental and physical barriers and limitations. Crossfit kicks your ass…and it doesn’t take too long until one begins to like it. Yes, it is a variation of Cool-Aid, and yes, once you drink it you will come back for more. That’s what I did anyway.

Crossfit…or to be more specific, the coaches and the people I see there on a daily basis have changed my life. And they continue to save it.

When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s I had already been knee deep in barbells and burpees for a year and a half. The number one prescription besides that of hard core pharmaceuticals is exercise. With movement comes improved muscle memory, decreased stiffness, increased flexibility and improved overall mental health. Parkinson’s is a “move it or loose it” disease. Though my goal is always to make it in up to six days a week, there are days my body thinks otherwise, and it takes all of my energy to brush my teeth. In which case I call for back-up…my mom.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that my Parkinson’s tremor would have shown its ugly head years ago if it wasn’t for Crossfit. In my attempt to slow the progression of this disease Crossfit has become one of my chosen medications. Our coach and owner Byron once said something to the effect of “Crossfit gives you the ability to deal with life.” Everyday I walk in feeling some degree of pain in my body or pity for my situation, and every day I walk out in less pain and an increase in mental toughness. Crossfit Evviva allows me to rise to the challenge one burpee at a time.


First blog post

4 thoughts on “When Life Knocks You Down…Do a Burpee!!

  1. As your brother I am a little bias on you and what this sport has done for you. It has truely given you purpose and gives you something to look forward to. Your progression has been nothing short of amazing. After finding out about your having Parkinson I never thought for a moment you would stop. It’s more than just playing a sport. It’s the family, support, backing, and down right badassness that this sport and group at Evviva has given you. Could not be more prouder of you and this sport!!


  2. I love the blog posts. Never read a blog before, so this is really cool. Of course as your father, they are the best blogs I have ever read. Informative and motivating at the same time. Love you sweetie….

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