This is ME

This is the ABOUT page. The page where I am supposed to give you insight into who I am. What I like. What I’m about. Why I’m here…blogging away like any other blogger. Attempting to intrigue you enough to stay a while. I don’t know what my life offers that yours does not. We each have stories. Families. Tragedies. Triumphs. Please don’t be offended but I’m not so much here for you as I am for me. It’s selfish really. It seems as though life at 35 has some how meandered itself into uncharted territory. My life has been relatively uneventful in comparison to many others including yourself. My life has been average, normal and predictable. Don’t get me wrong these are good things. Up until a year ago I very much enjoyed my little life. Married, kids, dogs, guinea pigs, stay-at-home-momdom. Up until a year ago I would have continued on my merry little way. Wake-up, feed 3 groggy mouths, pick up dog pooh, errands, Crossfit, naps, laundry, husband greetings, essential oil dabbling, dinner, bed, rinse…repeat. Up until a year ago my life was calm. Normal. Blissfully boring. If the damn tremor hadn’t of interrupted my boring splendor I might not be jabbering on with you good people. But isn’t it funny how life doesn’t care about your normal, your routine, your predicted future. Life continues to alter your reality. Now I figure I could try running away or in my case burpee the hell out of my new apparent predicament which don’t get me wrong I tried doing, or I could face my new found jerkiness, awkwardness, pain, stiffness, and continuous other new found peccadillos. Well, it looks like I have accepted the latter. In the span of 1 year I have gone from normal to normal with a side of Parkinson’s. A side of dopamine inducing drugs. A side of neurologists and movement disorder specialists. A side of gluten, dairy, egg, and meat free dining. A side of working out on top of working out. A side of essential oils to support every system in my body. And add the largest helping of unconditional love, support and encouragement one could possibly ask for. My new found plight is leading me into unknown territory, unknown waters, and up and down unknown cliffs and valleys. I share this with you not because my journey is somehow more incredible than your own. I share this with you because by doing so I can continue on to do all-the-things in my power to keep my life as normal, boring and ho-hum for as long as possible. And maybe by sharing my journey with you, you will find the strength to step out of your normal, embrace your new found reality and fight like hell to not let it consume you. To eat, move, love and live in a way that makes us want to move forward and face head on whatever fight we have in front of us. IMG-1935